10.08.2016 tarihi itibariyle Voltsan Makine Kalıp San ve Tİc. A.Ş. TTK’nın 155 maddesine göre VOLT Elektrik Motor San ve Tic. A.Ş ile birleşmiştir.

About Saya Group

Sancak Family started their journey in 1950s with the leadership of father Abdulkerim Sancak. The Family carry on their business in various states of Anatolia, earned high prestige by their business ethics and sense of quality.

To achieve their potential in much wider markets, the family settled in Istanbul in 1987 and found Hedef Alliance. The company that Abdulrezzak Sancak and his siblings took role in too, became leader in national market and one of the important agents in international market in pharmaceutical product distribution.

Abdulrezzak Sancak and his siblings to use their experience and knowledge of many years in different sectors and have the role of locomotive in developing our country, with the desire of R&D, employment and contributing to exportation, founded Saya Group in 2006. Folkart, as the first company of Saya Group founded in the same year. In 2007 in Istanbul Alpark market chain was bought and because of the heavy demand it's been transferred to CarrefourSA in2010.

In 2011, after the partnership was ended with Hedef Alliance, the entrepreneur philosophy of Saya started bringing results shortly. In the beginning of 2011 Pharmactive has been founded and right after that joined to Voltsan Group structure with Volt. 

Saya which develop with its conception centring "human", tripled its number of employee between 2013-2015.  By the year of 2020 Saya group aiming to employ about 3000 people, to reach 2 Billion TL endorsement and to have the 15 percent of this endorsement via export, allocate 5 percent of its endorsement to R&D and 0.5 percent to in-company training every year. 

Saya Group companies that take the being beneficial to humanity as a fundamental goal, actualise social responsibility projects which making an overwhelming impression like fighting against drugs, supporting to education and directly supports social aid and solidarity.

Saya Group develops based on three principles which determinant of success in business world, by taking full account of importance of innovation and adapting the necessities of the time. These principles are looking optimistically at the life, taking actions fast and productivity-oriented working.

Saya group never forget that they owe their success working hard and being disciplined, and sustainability of their success economy and modesty.


Folkart which brought Soya Group to life, while offering modern works to the country with the motto "Life worth it", is contributing to economy and making its investors earn. Folkart's prestigious and original project which bring quality and comfort to people's live, have been granted national and international awards. Folkart carried out  projects that have high standards like Folkart Towers -one of the tallest twin towers in Europe and Pharmactive, one of the biggest pharmaceutical plant of Turkey .

Saya Group's "people first" conception, has been turned into "work safety" in Folkart. 

Folkart has become a brand which makes impressions by its social and cultural project. FolkArt Gallery which is the biggest art gallery in Turkey with its 800 square meters area, enables art to meet large masses via modern exhibitions arranged.

Folkart carries this importance that it gives to the art to its own work and it keeps constructing its elegant structures dispread through the sky with the understanding of high technology and environment friendliness and by the aesthetic meticulousness of an artist.


One of the most distinguished industrial brands of Turkey which founded in 1987, Volt Electric Engines, took its place amongst the associates of Saya Group in the year of 2011.

Right after joining to Saya Group structure, the started and continuing R&D, quality, innovation and modernization practices resulted that Volt Engine became one of the leading electric engine manufacturers of Turkey with its capacity of technology, product range and 45.000 m2 production area.  

70 percent of the electricity which has being consumed in Turkish Industry used by electric engines. Volt Engine, with its R&D studies for lowering the energy consumption and energy effectiveness in our country, started marketing electric engines in IE3 which is the premium energy level. About super premium energy level IE4 engines, the cooperation is being continuing in international market. 

Volt motor in the way of being global brand, is aiming to reach in sector leadership by the year of 2020 in its perfection journey with the guidance of TURQUALITY and EFQM.


Voltsan with its experience gained as of 1990 in casting production, joined Saya Group structure in 2011. The company offers wide range of service and products to many  domestic and foreign sectors particularly in rotor stator, lamination, injection moulds and spare parts markets. Voltsan also offers services to sectors which are backbone of the economy like electric engines, automotive, construction and large household appliances. 


Pharmactive Pharmaceutical has been founded in December of 2010 with the conception of "how happy is one who remediate a sickness".  Pharmactive which laid its production facility's foundation on the Valentine's Day on 14th of February 2011, with more that 200 millions dollars investment, gave a factory with a capacity of 330 million boxes production annually. Pharmactive production facility founded on a 108 thousands square meters area, with its first stage which has 42.500 square meters closed area, is one of the biggest and the most modern production facilities. The facility, with 80 thousands square meters closed area and with a capacity of 550 million boxes production annually, will become one of the best production facilities in Europe. Pharmactive puts its medications which are developed by innovative approach in various therapeutic fields into service of doctors, chemists and patients via experienced team, "patient focused" understanding and high quality.
Considering special requirements of medication production, the factory constructed in accordance with the international standards, has been equipped with best building management systems. In February 2015 Pharmactive has earned the right of getting the European GMP certificate which is globally prestigious and given by the BfArM, one of the respected authorities. 
With the awareness of that our research and development operations will play important role in developing our country, PharmAr-GE founded in the structure of Pharmactive with its R&D center status, carries out clinic studies and product development practices with universities, doctors and chemists and offers innovative solutions to the sector.
Pharmactive in its production facility which has flexible production ability and high production capacity, provides service of contract manufacturing which is suitable to domestic and foreign companies expectations.
Pharmactive with the goal of becoming one of the 5 biggest pharmaceutical companies, by producing high quality medicine with suitable costs will keep being hope of patients in Turkey and the world.