10.08.2016 tarihi itibariyle Voltsan Makine Kalıp San ve Tİc. A.Ş. TTK’nın 155 maddesine göre VOLT Elektrik Motor San ve Tic. A.Ş ile birleşmiştir.


Our Corporation established as a separted company named Voltsan Electrical Machine Die Industry and Trade Co.that is parted company with Volt Electrical Engines Industry and Trade Co. Which produces singlephase and three-phase asynchronous engines since in the year of 1990 Voltsan started to desing and produce spare parts for engines accordingly their needs of dies/molds and repairing services at 6 th of June 2002.

Voltsan Electric Machine Die Industry and Trade Stock Company targets to be leader in the sector of elecrical engines and manufactures dies-molds-tools and spare parts based on 30 years industry experience together with 90 high skilled workers at closed area of 2000 square meters.