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Our Human Resources Policy

We know very well that creating a strong organization structure to materialize the work strategies aimed by SAYA Group and its companies is only possible with “Humans First” principle.

This principle constitutes the foundation of our management model and our corporate culture focusing on the Human Resources and our employees that will carry our Group to the future.

We recruit with the principle of equal opportunity the qualified people who are familiar with corporate culture, have potential for growth and are able to carry our group to the bright future.

Corporate Growth and Learning
Creating a “learning organization”, has a positive effect. Knowing that, we sustain the growth and learning in order to reach our business objectives.

Career Management
Carefully following the equal opportunity principle, we initially adopt the internal promotion approach in promotion process in order to bring out the potential in our employees.

Performance Management
By adopting Goal Management, we practice a fair and objective performance management system with providing our employees feedback about their performance and growth regarding based on the business objectives.